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Getting started

MetaPack Gallery aims to connect ISVs, solutions and customers together providing an open platform to publish and distribute SharePoint customizations.
It providers several ways to consume packages via API, CLI and desktop application working well with both cloud and on-premises environments.

MetaPack comes in several flavours making various scenarios possible.

MetaPack for developers and ISVs

MetaPack API makes easy for developers to manage, version, deploy, update and distrubute SharePoint customizations.

MetaPack for IT professionals

MetaPack CLI is a simple console applicaiton. It is designed to help developers and IT professionals improve internal workflows and enable ALM scenarios such as continuios integration and deployment.

MetaPack for business

MetaPack GUI offers a clean and simply way to manage and deploy customization in a few clicks. A desktop application has a great fit for power users and businesses.

Questions and feedback

MetaPack API and MetaPack Gallery is an open-source project developed by SubPoint Solutions. MetaPack is also an important part of the SPMeta2 Ecosystem APIs for SharePoint. More information about is can be found in documentation and our Yammer Network. Please provide feedback suggestions and anything else you have in your mind.